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Angel Perverse 2 is a typical Evil Angel DVD, filled with hot, raunchy sex and beautiful girls but suffering from a lack of originality or character. If you're someone who hasn't watched a lot of porno and whose tastes venture toward the wilder side, this is probably perfect. If, on the other hand, you're someone who's seen a shitload of porn, it's not so good because you've seen it all before. They don't even bother with the perfunctory interviews or cheesy setups common in many porn videos; they simply start each scene by showing the performers just jumping into it. The film also contains plenty of ass-gaping shots, which can be a turn-off to many people. Having said that, it is an excellent example of the pure gonzo genre.

Scene 1 is Priscilla and Maya with Erik Everhard. There is palpable heat in the scene, with plenty of heavy breathing and moaning as well as some really serious pounding action, and it sure doesn't hurt that everyone looks great. It doesn't take Erik too long to head for the backdoor and start plugging these ladies in the ass, either. Definitely a hot scene, as I'm sure any online reviewer will tell you, and Erik pounded those girls so hard that I have to imagine their asses were sore for a week. No lack of heat here, it's just ... generic.

Scene 1

Next up in Scene 2 are Kyra and Sendy Silver. David Perry gets the drilling duties this time, and just as before, it's a hot scene with beautiful people but it's also very predictable, with no individual character to it and nothing to make it stand out in your mind. This is the problem with the gonzo video genre in general. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all, barring increases in the raunch factor. So the only way to stand out is to put more and bigger objects into the womens' orifices, or (as some studios have unfortunately chosen to do) treat the women in a more degrading fashion. That trend alone is more than enough reason to justify my preference for porn that has at least a semblance of a story, but I digress. Once again, I can't really say anything bad about this scene, it's just that it's not memorable because it's been done so many times before and with so little variation upon the theme. Hell, the girls don't even introduce themselves.

Scene 2

Scene 3 shows us Toxy and Yanet Alfano, and unlike the two previous scenes, this one does distinguish itself. However, it distinguishes itself by the blonde jamming a huge dildo up her ass and showing us her gaping asshole repeatedly. As I said above, this seems to be the way to make a gonzo scene stand out from the crowd, and it works, but is it really better porn? In any case, once they get going with the two men present, it's a really powerful scene, with intense hammering that looks at times like it might knock someone unconscious. And of course, the blonde follows up her performance with the huge dildo by taking a DAP with aplomb. Of all the scenes on the disc, this one has the most heat and is the most memorable, but I felt like I should send some kind of therapeutic ointment to the blonde girl, because her ass must be sore after a scene like that.

Scene 3 Scene 3

Scene 4 starts with blonde Zlata standing in a garage, waiting to take on three guys. She looks kind of nasty, and the sex was aggressive as usual for this type of disc, but this scene is quite a letdown after Scene 3. It's also fairly short, but I wasn't in a mood to complain about that because I was hoping the next scene would be better.

Scene 4

Scene 5 starts by the poolside with brunette Valentina Velasquez sitting with Erik Everhard, with three more guys waiting in the wings to join in. She and Erik seemed to have something going on, but there wasn't as much heat between her and the three other guys. The sex was well-done but certainly much less aggressive than Scene 3, which is the real standout on this disc.

Scene 5 Scene 5

If you want a good example of the "hard ass-fucking, gaping asshole" gonzo genre, this disc should fit the bill. But if gaping assholes or gonzo porn don't do it for you, this disc won't do it either. But either way, you have to be impressed by the blonde girl in Scene 3. She takes a hard ass-drilling as well as anybody in the business.

Rating: 3/5
Anal/DP: yes
Choking/slapping/abuse: none
Running time: 2 hours, 31 minutes
Video quality: excellent
Studio: Evil Angel
Producer: Christoph Clark
Director: Christoph Clark

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